1. Can I join as individual or do I need a team?

Yes, you can join as individual or with some of your friends. We will find more people to form a team

2. Are referees included?

Yes, ref is included.

3. How long is the season?

10 games + final four round on week 11 for the top four of the table.

4. How many players can my team use for a match?

For 5 a-side leagues a maximum of seven (7) players per game may be used, 7 a-side leagues a maximum of nine (9) players per team.

5. How many players can my team use throughout a season?

As many as you need. We understand that players cant make every game and have an open policy on using different players.

6. Do my players need to wear shin guards?

Yes, shin guards are compulsory for leagues players.

7. What footwear should we wear?

Only traing shoes, moulded soles or astro boots – NO screw in studded footwear or blades.

8. Do we need to wear matching strips?

No, but it does help. Wearing the same colour of top can be useful if you have no strips. Bibs are available for usage if needed.

9. What do the winners of each league win?

The winners receive the league cup.

10. Can my team join a league mid-season?

Yes, providing there is a vacancy available.

11. Conditions I can loose my deposit?

1. Failure to provide at least 1 week notice if you cannot attend one game
2. Aggressive behavior
3. Failure to complete the league